Treatment Stages

Our 90-day program is designed to help you build the habits, confidence and sense of community you’ll need to enjoy lasting recovery. While treatment is tailored to each unique individual, it will generally follow three 30-day phases - Orientation and Stabilization, Engagement and Empowerment, and Integration and Extended Care Planning.

Using clinical approaches that decrease trauma symptoms, we will help integrate patients into rehabilitation. In addiction, we experience behavior that goes against our values, creating suffering. At Momenta, clients reconnect with their personal values to learn to live a meaningful life. By focusing the first phase on treatment of the body, we help increase awareness and relaxation as patients begin recovery, as well as goal setting and planning.

Orientation and Stabilization

In the second phase, patients begin fully engaging in a range of individual and group therapy programs tailored to them. Working towards the goals and plans set in the first phase, patients begin developing routines in both onsite and offsite activities. It is also the phase when Nurturing Parenting and Mindful Parenting will be introduced for those with children.

Engagement and Empowerment


The third phase of residential treatment onsite phase focuses on preparing for integration back to normal life. Family visits will become more frequent. Patients strengthen newly formed recovery skills by making a commitment to a 12 Step or Mindfulness in Recovery meeting, as well as making a service commitment to bring value to the community, with an aftercare plan made with the patient’s therapist to be followed upon graduation. 

Patients may attend aftercare with Momenta or return home, where our clinical team can work with them to create a complete aftercare plan and connect them to quality services in their area. 

Integration and Extended Care