At Momenta, we provide support-based care that’s tailored to the individual in the hope of bringing wellness and lasting recovery for addiction and co-occurring mental health. Addiction is a disease, but with the right treatment and therapies, patients can truly live well.

We specialize in the treatment of women, working to provide them with female- and mindfulness-oriented care that is often missing in rehabilitation. In a safe, supportive, and tranquil environment, women can discover the power of community and build the habits that help them thrive. You can learn to live purposefully - at Momenta Center for Lasting Recovery.

Meet the Team

Dirk Eldredge.jpg

Dirk Eldredge

CEO | President

Laura Berreth

President of Supportive Services

Dennis Ballinger

Executive Director

Becky Gordon

Director of Admissions & Marketing

Ryan Jackman

Medical Director

Michele Kerrigan

IT Director

Tyler Cole, LPC, NCC

Clinical Director of Adult Services

Christine Jackson Cole, LCSW, E-IMH

Clinical Director of Child & Family Services