YoCovery: Yoga and Recovery, a Discovery of You!

Becky Gordon, Momenta’s Director of Admissions & Outreach, shares her story and how she started YoCovery – a combination of the teachings she has learned throughout her healing process.

I began my chapter of healing in 2011, and while at my last treatment center, I was introduced to yoga and meditation. I wasn't a big fan at first but then something shifted for me in the quietness of the movement. I was able to slow down enough to really look at what was happening to me and what it was that I was struggling with. It was here I learned that I wasn’t a horrible person that had destroyed my life, but rather that I was sick and that I had a disease. I was also able to hear the solution and realize I too could live with this chronic condition. I worked the 12 step program pretty diligently my first year and stayed close to others that were having success.

Becky Gordon   ,   Rec Therapist, CACII, RYT500

Becky Gordon, Rec Therapist, CACII, RYT500

At about a year sober, I decided to expand on my journey of self-discovery and enrolled in a 200hr level yoga certification program in Carbondale, Colorado. The training was led by the couple who owns True Nature Healing Arts, a local studio. I was immediately relieved to discover that the whole human race needs to heal and that although I had addiction, everyone was suffering from something. It helped me realize that my disease just wasn't that big of a deal and that others were going through things that I couldn't imagine. I felt less like a victim and more a part of the whole, which I had always struggled with.

My story continued on and I after I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was able to travel to India for a month-long immersion for my next 500hr level yoga certification. The similarities between the two programs, yoga and the 12 steps, were amazing to me. The yoga philosophy dates back just a little farther than 1935 when the Big Book was written, and by a little farther, I of course mean thousands of years! This simply enhanced my experience of realizing that we are all healing from something and I felt at the time, and I still do, that I had been given a gift. I think the 12 steps are an amazing way for anyone to heal, whether they believe they are an addict or not. There are many other teachings in which I have grown from as well throughout my journey. The point is that humans have been suffering since the beginning of time and there are many proven ways in which we can heal ourselves if we have the awareness and the desire.

That gift that I referred to was the inspiration for starting YoCovery. YoCovery is simply my way of tying all that I have learned together in a combination of becoming an Addictions Counselor, studying the yoga philosophy and teachings, working the 12 steps, and now learning TRE (Tension and Trauma Release exercises). I continue to heal on a daily basis and my learning continues to blossom as well.  I have been part of the creation of Momenta Recovery, a healing center for women, and I get to bring my version of all my knowledge to work and share it with the clients. Life is a mess of lessons and the way that we interpret how the world is happening for us and not to us is unique. My story is shared through YoCovery: Yoga and Recovery, a Discovery of You!

We are all connected and we don't have to battle life alone......

Becky Gordon is a Rec Therapist, Certified Addiction Counselor, Level II, and a RYT® 500 level yoga teacher. Learn more about Becky and the rest of the team here.