At Momenta, our women’s-only residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in the Colorado mountains takes a mindful approach to helping women build the habits of living a better life in awe-inspiring surroundings. You are not alone. Our caring experts and supportive community are here to help you find lasting recovery. With a 90-day, support-based treatment program tailored to your needs, you can recover from your addiction and create stronger connections with your community and your loved ones.


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Supportive community

You are not alone in your recovery. Our comfortable, communal space will help you develop the habits to live well with addiction alongside supportive staff and peers.


Female Centered

Our support-based treatment is designed to help women with the unique traumas they experience, empowering them to take ownership of their recovery.


Care for Your Whole Self

Addiction is not an isolated condition. To help you work toward lasting recovery, our treatment focuses on primary substance abuse, as well as co-occurring mental health issues. We want to help you get the treatment you need for true recovery, and believe a more complete approach can help get you there.


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Expert Treatment Tailored to You

Every individual is different. We tailor our support-based treatment - led exclusively by therapists with a masters level education or higher - to your unique needs, giving you a better chance of finding lasting recovery. During the three phases of your treatment - Orientation and Stabilization, Engagement and Empowerment, and Integration and Extended Care - you’ll work through issues with addiction and related trauma to successfully return to your life.

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Creating Community to Support Recovery


Our facilities in Glenwood Springs, Colorado offer a peaceful home for women in recovery to build a sense of supportive and intimate community. As well, the welcoming atmosphere is a space for bonding with loved ones as they work together through the recovery program.