So often substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues create a disconnect in mind, body, and behavior. Bringing action and mindful intention to your day can help bridge that disconnect. Our home in Glenwood Springs offers a wide range of outdoor activities that can help you recover. As well, we offer Purposeful and Clinical activities.

Basic Outings



Bike Riding


Hot Springs & Vapor Caves


Outdoor Events

White Water Rafting

Camping and Outdoor Expeditions

Adventure Yoga Immersion Retreats

Paddle Boarding




Rock Climbing

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 3.01.28 PM.png

Purposeful Activities/Life Skills

Service Work in the community/Volunteerism

Archery & Breath Classes

Yoga (Asana movement and Breath Work)

Mindfulness Parenting Classes

Meal planning and preparation

Cooking and Nutrition


Storytelling & Mythology

Clinical Activities

(Outside of regular therapy sessions)

Art Therapy

Equine Therapy

Family Sessions

Family Mythology Project: Genogram, Family Tree, and Timeline.